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Grays communications provides all Engineering, IT, Transmission, Master Control and  Ingest services for Meruelo Media.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16, 2014

Meruelo Media Unveils State-Of-The-Art Multi-Million Dollar Broadcasting Studios In The Heart Of Los Angeles

On Wednesday, January 15, Meruelo Media, Southern California’s leading minority-owned media group and owner of Spanish language television stations MundoFOX 22, Super 22 and legendary Los Angeles radio station, 93.5 KDAY, celebrated the grand opening of Meruelo Media Broadcast & Studio Center with a ribbon cutting ceremony in the presence of more than 250 guests.

Alex Meruelo Principal of Meruelo Group stated, “Today is a very special day for my family, our media business continues to grow making our voices louder in this community and this amazing building delivers that statement clearly.”

“This building has one simple and powerful purpose; to provide a flexible and robust platform where we can super-serve our clients, advertisers, network partners and most importantly our community,” said President and Chief Operating Officer of Meruelo Media, Otto Padron, who concluded by thanking all present for their continued support.

Los Angeles City council member Herb Wesson, Council President and former speaker of the California State Assembly stated, “Welcome to my district! This amazing building delivers on our promise of economic development, thank you Meruelo Media.”

Ana Guerrero, community leader and Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti’s Chief of Staff, delivered a brief and compelling message, “This new broadcasting center will boost L.A.’s economy with 150 jobs and is helping solidify Los Angeles as the capital of Latino entertainment.”

Meruelo Media was also honored to have a number of other elected officials join the ceremony, including Mark Ridley Thomas, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and representatives from the office of State Senator Holly Mitchell.

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About Meruelo Media

Meruelo Media is the media division of The Meruelo Group; they currently operate television stations in Los Angeles, Houston, Santa Barbara, and a Super Station on its digital KWHY­TV 22.2 stream with carriage on Time Warner Cable. The Los Angeles station MundoFox 22, (KWHY­22.1) is the flagship and local Los Angeles affiliate station of the MundoFOX Television Network. Meruelo Group is a diversified holding and investment company owned and controlled by prominent U.S. Latino businessman Alex Meruelo, with a portfolio of companies in banking and financial services, restaurants, food services, construction and engineering, real estate, hotel and casino operations, public and private equity. For more information please visit


TV Technology, February 28, 2013


DAWNco Simplifies Tinsel Town Sat Project


LOS ANGELES—As this is the number two television market in the country,
broadcast operators here demand the highest levels of performance possible from their equipment installations.

Grays Communications knows this only too well, as we’re a systems integration firm serving clients in a market who expect nothing less than the best. Whether it’s a quick-turnaround design, construction and launching of a network flagship broadcast station, or the retrofitting of an existing facility, we have to be ready to move out in a hurry and ensure that customers have the best equipment. It’s our job to know what’s possible and what isn’t in terms of product quality and availability. We stay abreast of technology, filtering fact from fiction, as the ability to serve our clients and our reputation are based on cost-effective and high-quality products that can be delivered in time to suit a customer’s needs.LOS ANGELES—As this is the number two television market in the country, broadcast operators here demand the highest levels of performance possible from their equipment installations.

One of our recent projects was the construction of a satellite downlink system for KWHY-TV the Mundo Fox flagship station serving the Los Angeles market. The sat system was designed to receive daily live feeds from Mexico, and as the station relies heavily on these feeds there could be no compromises. We had to supply equipment that was bulletproof, feature-rich and cost-effective, and we had no hesitation in turning to DAWNco to supply this, as our dealings with that company have always been very satisfactory and we know that their products are top of the line.


For that application, we needed a receiver, which could operate with both MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 signals and accepts inputs from multiple sources. DAWNco’s D5502 handes both flavors of MPEG, and accepts RF, ASI and even TS/IP inputs. And the receiver outputs available provide even more flexibility—it delivers everything from analog composite and component signals to SD and HD SDI, TS/IP and even HDMI.

We had a tight timeline to get the KWHY-TV satellite system up and running and DAWNco’s ability to deliver the D5502 receiver from stock helped us meet our deadline. DAWNco worked with us every step of the way.

For the KWHY-TV installation, we also needed a 3.7 meter dual-axis motorized antenna, position controller, high-quality LNBs, nonpenetrating roof mount and low-loss cabling. DAWNco delivered these items in a very timely and responsive manner.

As our installation schedule was very hectic, we couldn’t afford any last minute “gotchas” or glitches, and there were none. The project turned out to be plug-and-play at its best, going from opening shipping boxes to a fully operational system in no time at all. We didn’t have time for last-minute frenzied phone calls about missing pieces or units not fitting, and DAWNco took care to ensure that none were needed.

We were pleased and our client was pleased too, and we owe it all to DAWNco and their D5502.

Lee Bowen is a broadcast/sales engineer with California based Grays Communications, LLC.



Mark Gilbert, Owner of Sienna Gallery, March 7. 2012



Hard economic times can do strange things to people, and other times it can simply bring out their best. A couple of years ago, if someone had asked to install and prepare a brand new, end to end news media infrastructure in a week, they would have been sent packing by anyone who asked. In today’s climate, however, there is that little extra thought – could we? Maybe we could?  And so this story begins – The latest chapter in the tale of a TV Station in Los Angeles, which has been on the air for more than 45 years. After being sold off by NBC to comply with media ownership rules in major markets, K-WHY had to build a new facility to produce and transmit, including a brand new infrastructure for news production.   Now, don’t ask me why things got to the point where the new on air date was looming, but nothing had been started – I will leave that for another story teller, but suffice to say, things had got pretty last-minute when broadcast consultant David Gray from Grays Communications LLC was brought in and handed the daunting task of building a TV station with limited budget, and a seemingly impossible deadline.  From here on in, we will follow the tale in the form of a diary, counting down to the on air date of September 30th 2011. We will recount the story of a group of extraordinary people who undertook an almost impossible task, and through determination, honesty and good old teamwork performed a miracle in TinselTown.