What We Do

Designing and Building IT centric Electronic Media Networks

Re-defining What is Possible

Since its inception, GraysComm has encouraged its clients to rethink what is possible, especially in terms of the what is available in today’s digital media marketplace.  GraysComm has created broadcast and media distribution facilities and integrated systems for major television networks, broadcast groups, call-letter stations, corporations, independent production facilities, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and places of worship.  Each and every project is customized and tailored to the needs of the individual client.

Facilitating Communications End to End

Gray’s Communications is a broadcast and electronic media consulting and integration firm specializing in the design and development of integrated digital communications IT centric solutions.  With more than thirty years in broadcast engineering and electronic media management, Grays Comm was created in 2008 to address the ever evolving needs of clients facing a swiftly changing media landscape. An effective and efficient workflow in a competitive, complex electronic media world is critical and requires the integration of many different media services and systems. Scalability, adaptability and reliability are key to your sustainability. GraysComm provides the expertise and flexible contracted resources to address these complex needs.


Providing Streamlined File-based Media Systems

IP is no longer the foundation for communications between equipment and systems, today it is the system. File based systems are the only viable solution for efficient, scalable and collaborative media acquisition, production and distribution. Media files have drastically changed the way that broadcasters and media companies compete. Infrastructure has evolved rapidly but this evolution has often been unstructured and somewhat chaotic. GraysComm takes the complete technology picture into account and uses a collaborative approach with selected vendors to create an IP-centric architectures to fit your desired workflow.


Broadcast and Electronic Media Engineering IT Services

GraysComm not only can design and build your facility but we can also provide contracted services to fill any technical need.


Utilizing WAN technologies

The advent and maturing of Internet technology over the last few decades has totally changed the landscape of every industry. The success of IP VPN and other networks utilizing WAN (wide area network) infrastructures has pushed this technology to the point that it is now the most effective and efficient IT system architecture available for companies who wish to be on the cutting edge in a very competitive business environment. Optimal media workflow architecture should provide a flexible “what you need when you need it environment”, based on scalable, cost-effectiveplatforms. The myriad of possibilities created by this environment places the network at the center of the infrastructure. GraysComm is well versed in this IP-centric file based media world and believes strongly in the efficiencies that can be achieved through the open minded use of today’s latest technology.


Some Specific Services and Products Offered:  

  • Television Systems Engineering, IT, and Technical systems designbigstock_Ethernet_Rj__Plug_185643
  • Broadcast & Electronic Media systems Integration
  • Broadcast & Electronic Media Engineering, IT services
  • Transmission Solutions
  • RF Studies and FCC Licensing
  • Design, development, construction, and maintenance of UHF, VHF television, AM and FM broadcast and microwave systems
  • Domestic and International satellite systems
  • Total Facility Consulting
    • Production
    • Master Control operations
    • Engineering and IT
    • Transmission systems maintenance